Practicing sports outdoors, surrounded by nature is a way of life. What can be more rewarding for a parent than to be an example to their own children? What can be more educative for children than to take their own parents as role models? What can be more beautiful than a family having common interests, even if only for a short time? This is how the family challenge idea was born in various sports like running or cycling. This is how the family challenge was created within Apuseni Marathon msg systems competition.


We wish that the extended weekend spent in Apuseni Mountains to be special for both competitors and for those who usually only watch the performance of the close ones from the sides. How to experience best the atmosphere of a contest and to really appreciate the effort of marathon, half marathon or cross runners than by competing together with family and friends in a similar challenge, even on a shorter course? For the little ones, used to the boundaries of a park, a two or three kilometers run or walk may mean more than the long races for a trained adult! That is why we invite you, runners of all ages, to join the Apuseni family!


This year we offer a family course of approximatelly 3.2 km length and +153 m altitude gain that will be ran or walked by all children registered in the competion in one of the 3 age groups: 0-3 years old, 4-7 years old, 8+ years old. All children will be accompanied by at least an adult during the race (one adult per team), on the course that we will describe soon.


Family Race course


Length: 3,2 km

Altitude gain: + 153 m 


Hydration post (PH): at "Plopis"  1km from the Start  

Race track  family(click to download)



Map of the course, family race  Altitude gain table for family race


Images from the event: