Apuseni Marathon msg systems was born out of the wish of the members of the Romanian Alpine Club Cluj University Section to protect the Apuseni Mountains, to promote the sustainable development of the area and local traditions.  Apuseni Marathon msg systems is a sports event of the present that carries a strong message about our local identity.


Apuseni Marathon msg systems offers the trail running lovers four routes that traverse small mountain villages, hills, rivers and peaks of the Apuseni mountains. Trail running afficionados of all ages are awaited May 26, 2018 at Muntele Băișorii mountain resort base camp, to join one of the two technical challenges, the 43,7 km marathon or the 21,1 km half marathon, plus the 7,2 km cross or the family challenge where children accompanied by parents run together and share the joy of the outdoors.


The 8th edition of Apuseni Marathon msg systems is organized by the Romanian Alpine Club Cluj University Section and Natuta Transilvaniei Association, together with the official partner, msg systems and many sponsors and media partners who love the Apuseni Mountains and wish to support the harmonious development of the area.


Apuseni Marathon msg systems is a competition loved by the Romanian running community and we feel happy to see that year by year the competitors return to the Apuseni Mountains for their picturesque atmosphere.